Important FIFPro mental health study of current and former players published today

SAFP President Dr Lucien Valloni said:

"We hope that with this study, to which also SAFP and its members contributed, comes increased awareness and commitment from all stakeholders in football to put supportive measures in place so that those suffering from mental health problems know they are not alone.

The present FIFPro study is a necessary first step in ultimately proposing adequate preventive and supportive measures aimed at protecting and empowering the sustainable health of active and retired players.

It is crucial to establish a body of work on this important topic on national and on international level.

Supportive measures such as exit-career examinations are necessary which will aid the transition into post-career life and provide comfort to both current and former players that there is support for a previously taboo issue.

SAFP is working with its newly launched CareerDesk exactly into this direction. We are confident to give players more and better opportunities and we will make them aware of the problem and of possible solutions to avoid mental health issues."

Guidebook - Mental Health in Professional Football (EN)